Event Evaluation and Analysis

Are you going to the right shows?

Conventions today are about converting, no longer just positioning

When evaluating your show schedule there are three elements to consider:

  1. The right people – does the convention attract your targeted audience?  Are you attracting that audience to your exhibit?  Can they ACT?
  2. The right message – Are you delivering a persuasive message that is in response the attendees’ stated needs?  Are you delivering a message that is memorable? Are you using all the tools in your exhibit to deliver that message – signage, graphics, AV, interactives, e-details, printed collateral materials
  3. The right action – What action do you want your qualified attendees to take as a result of visiting your exhibit?  Can you document that action and pass it on to the feld to assure follow-up?  Is the result of the interaction “actionable”?