Quantitative Analysis

With marketech360’s quantitative analysis you are finally able to attach a dollar value to your convention, trade shows and events programs.

Our quantitative analysis program provides you with trade show metrics in three distinct areas designed to assess the value of your at-show marketing activities as well as how effective your exhibit is in attracting visitors and moving them around the space.

Our approach provides indisputable information and constructive recommendations you can use to improve your trade show and convention program performance and results.

Visual Reach

Visual reach is a definitive measure of the number of customers and prospects who pass by your exhibit and take in something about who you are and what you do.

Captured through live counts conducted at your show site, the end result is a calculation of cost per visitor reached at the event. This metric can be used to compare the exhibit’s effectiveness in creating impressions or increasing awareness versus other vehicles included in your marketing mix.

Visual reach also provides important insights about peak and off-peak times at your exhibit, and can help you justify and maintain appropriate staffing levels at future events.

Audience Interest

Through audience interest analysis you are able to determine which promotions and in-booth elements are most effective at attracting and bringing visitors into your space.

Captured through live counts and observation at your show site, this analysis can be used determine a cost per visitor reached for specific promotions and activities within your exhibit.

The important insights you gain help you make fact-based decisions about whether to keep, eliminate or modify specific components used in your exhibit program.

Customer Journeys

Do you ever wonder about the journey your visitors really take from the time they enter your exhibit to the time they leave? With marketech360’s customer journey analysis, you get a definitive answer to this question.

Through our on-site customer journey analysis, 25 visitors are randomly selected and shadowed through their experience into and around your space. Individual journeys are documented and delivered in a detailed report within 15 days after the show close.

This analysis provides valuable insights about:

 What drew the visitor into your space

 What they did,

 Where they went

 If and how they interacted with your staff

 If they received or picked up collateral

 If they were transitioned to other booth areas

 Total dwell time in your exhibit

These insights can guide important decisions that enhance the visitor experience.