About Us

Leading the Way to Performance Improvement

marketech360, founded, in 1985, a specialist in exhibit-based marketing knows that exhibitors need a systematic, disciplined approach to exhibiting that includes effective planning, training and metrics.  Our main office is in Birmingham, Al, with associates located in San Antonio, TX, Minneapolis, MN and Orlando, FL.  Our staff comes from multi-disciplined backgrounds.  All of our programs are marketing oriented, because exhibiting is a marketing communications tool utilized to achieve higher organizational objectives.

marketech360 is your resource for performance measurement-driven programs and booth staff training that improve trade show exhibiting and event results. We provide a variety of customized live, distance, and self-paced training solutions to prepare your staff to work your trade shows and meetings with customized content.  We also offer trade show metrics that are tailored to show everything from trade show selection and lead qualification to visitor perception and purchasing impact.


What are our Differentiators?

marketech360’s staff skills are in the areas of sales and marketing, strategy and statistical analysis, convention management, general business management, trade show marketing, trade show consulting and education.

Our staff bring a wide variety of skill sets to marketech360 and include sales and marketing, strategy and stat analysis, convention and business mgmt, tradeshow marketing and consulting and education, we can draw upon our knowledge to assure you improved performance.

Our clients participate in the creation of our programming  for trade show staff training or our performance measurement options. All are customized to meet the needs of our clients. whether it is for staff training or performance metrics and these programs are individualized to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our programs are affordable and cost effective.

marketech360 delivers the results of performance metrics programs in a timely manner, within 2 – 4 weeks of execution for immediate use.


How marketech360 Works

Our client’s objectives are the foundation for of all of our efforts.  The process begins with the issues facing the client and the objectives established in the trade show marketing program. By using a detailed questionnaire for exhibit staff training followed by dialogue, we are able to create a program that meets the client’s needs. We use a detailed questionnaire to address these issues followed by a dialogue to formalize the elements of marketech360’s work.

We analyze your issues, objectives, themes, messages and audiences, and by doing this, we create a staff training, or measurement program to address your exhibit marketing needs.  We study your previous exhibiting activities to determine how you have identified and addressed issues in the past.

We establish the best delivery vehicles – live, distance or self-paced staff training or pre-post – exhibit surveying or auditing.  We look at what solution will work best to serve your needs and recommend a strategy.


Performance metrics options are determined through conversation with the client to determine which option would work best for them. When conducting exit interviews, our project manager closely works with the client to create a survey based upon what they want and need to know, rather than a “one size fits all” approach.


marketech360  Fees
All of our formats are firm priced, plus travel and expenses.  There are no hidden or additional charges.