What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Thanks for all your encouragement and help. This reward (Best of Show) belongs to you too!  Teri Hodges, Novartis Animal Health.

It is been great working with you and your team!  NAH has had nothing but praise for you and your team’s efforts, but of all NAVC is providing the fruit in the numbers it said it would with the direction provided.  George Furman – 3D Exhibits – Marketech strategic partner.

I have had the pleasure of working with Marc & Mim Goldberg and the staff of Marketech. We hired them to provide us with booth evaluations and also staff training.  The professionalism they bring coupled with their knowledge of the trade show industry has made a difference in how we think about executing our shows. They broke us out of business as usual and move us up to the next level.  Karin Stansbury, Caravan Ingredients

Marketech’s partnership has been crucial in offering solutions to some of the most difficult challenges we face in our industry.  From developing and implementing on-line staff convention training and on-site support, to professional staffing to increase lead geneation and engage attendees, to detailed congress measurements for ROI/ROO which is of most importance when jusifying conventions especially in these very tough times where budgets are being slashed.   AnnMarie Bermudez, Daiichi Sankyo

Wacker Chemical Corporation is very pleased with the results of booth staff training provided by Marketech.  After the training, we experienced marked increase in qualified leads, and an overall improvement in the peformance and behavior of our booth staff. The competitive surveys completed by Marketech provided us with valuable information, which allowed us to amked needed changes to our booth design and messaging.   Doreen Paquette, Wacker Chemical

Mim Goldberg and Marketech have had such a profound effect on my staff at ETC that the name Mim has become an adjective and verb at our company. “You’re not acting Mim!” or “it’s time to provide Mim training again.” are the lines we use most often.  Their ability to provide cost effective solutions uch as the self-paced intranet training program have been great for me as an exhibit manager who strongly believes in the benefits of staff training but have a limited budget.  Laura Hoepker – ETC

I have had the opportunity over the past few years to able to work with Marketech a well known business in the trade show industry.  The staff Marketech is comprised of high quality personnel who are professional, friendly and very well educated in the trade show industry. The high quality of the audited results after a program justify and enhance the tradeshow experience for your company. Teri Nobbe – Hill-Rom

Working with Marketech is an easy process, flawless implementation and successful and happy clients all around.  They are attentive and thorough.  They are forthcoming with many creative ideas to meet your objectives.  They will hopefully be a part of our work for many years to come!   Ruth Nicolai-  Educational Testing Service

Novo Nordisk enjoys a wonderful partnership with the Marketech team!  Marc and his team continually drive performance and increase ROI at each and every opportuntiy!  Every tool, from pre-convention rep engagement, to post show reporting are utilized to their full potential and increase my team’s value in the eyes of our stakeholders.  Antony Rothwell, Novo Nordisk

Thank you both for going above and beyond as you always do. It’s great to work with at team you can trust to provide impeccable service consistently, Thanks again.     Amerinet/Marian Luisi, Czarnowski

Thank you so much for the promptness of the exhibit and symposium evaluation. STS is our first show of the season and, thanks to your feedback, we are able to make course corrections for our next set of shows in May.  The insight that Marketech brought identified specifically where we could improve with our exhibit and provided valuable information on our competitors so that we can adjust our strategy accordingly.  It also helped up “give a name” to the shortcomings of the exhibit: basically, we knew something wasn’t right but didn’t know what it was.  It was also good to read what we were doing right and we can use that positive information to help make the show even better.  Terrie Holahan, Tradeshow/Event Planner, AtriCure.


I wanted to take a second to say thank you for providing the Event Marketing ROI workshop in NYC.  I’ve referred to your presentation several times as I help the teams on this end organize for 2007.      Chris Clegg, VP Metrics, Analysis and Development, Pierce Promotions and Event Management

My first step into a larger world that I call “Doing Trade Shows the Right Way” came through the guidance of Marketech (Marc, Mim and Jerry). I’ll never forget my first few sessions at my very first Exhibitor Show, where I had so many “wow” moments it was difficult to sort them out. But I do remember the immediate positive impact the principles taught by Marketech had on both my company’s programs and ultimately my career. I would not have had the success I’ve had in this business if not for Marc, Mim and Jerry.   Tradeshow Bob    Bob Milam, Kerry Group, Beloit, WI

I wanted to express our sincere gratitude for the training session.  The impact you made was great and the team benefited from it.  Bob Richey said PCBC was the best event in RCR history and that we have a great success story.  We couldn’t have done it wihthout you.   Jennifer Yokum RCR Companies, Riverside, CA

You were a big hit!  Everyone felt you wre a valuable resource and had great ideas.   Chris Harar, Vision Council of American, Alexandria, VA

We enjoyed the seminar and thought it was very helpful.  We also found your suggestions with the exhibit most helpful and will be considering changes in the future.  Matt Vulich, AIT

Thank you for being a wonderful speaker and easy to work with.  I keep getting feedback from the staff that they really enjoyed your presentation.  Christy Tapia, Point Center Financial, Inc.

Comments from TS2 2007  –  “Best speaker of the week. Very engaging. Great information”, “Very informative, useful material that I can actually use to measure performance and success of events”, “Packed with information. Could be a week long course”, “Great session with lots of take-away tools”.

“we implemented alot of your suggestions from the ’05 Heckerling evaluation and the RIA reps closed over $200,000 in new business on the show floor! It was a thrill for the reps and the Regional Manager is still beaming with pride.” Thomson

“many of the team members expressed their satisfaction and appreciation with both parts of your program, especially our colleagues from I&C, who did the live presentations. They were very satisfied with the results from the show. They received quite a few promising leads.” Siemens