Exhibit Audits

From the Aisle Exhibitor Audit

 An 11 point “snapshot” audit that provides unbiased, third-party feedback regarding booth and staff performance for targeted exhibitors.  Create an added benefit for your core or novice exhibitors.

Sample Audit

Exhibit_ABC Co________Booth _LP 4055______ 

Factor Evaluation Notes
Exhibit Focus 5—–3—–1 too much equipment
Graphics -overall 5—–3—–1  
  Image 5—–3—–1 professional
  Legibility 5—–3—–1  
  Attention-getting 5—–3—–1 External/equipment
Integrated branding & messaging 5—–3—–1  
Staff  overall 5—–3—–1  
  Proactive 5—–3—–1  
  Nonverbal 5—–3—–1 Back side-(-) front (+)
  Communications 5—–3—–1  

Notes: fashion lab-focused graphics  plasma screen unused   

very active exhibit.  Staff engaged with few standing around.