For Exhibitors

Trade Show Training

Live On-Site Training

45 minutes to 2 hours preshow StaffPrep format created to meet your specific  training and marketing  objectives.  Available at your location, on site of the show or event, or at regional/national sales meetings.

Live Distance Training

45 minute on-line program delivered live via the internet.  Delivered 2 weeks to a month  in advance of the show.   Programs are custom developed to meet your show or event objectives.

Self-Paced / Intranet  Based Training

25 minute self-paced training program with 6 training modules, three embedded quizzes, 8 role-play vignettes focusing on Engaging, Qualifying, Communicating and Closing  and a final quiz for compliance.  Available in both generic and custom formats.


Performance  Measurement

Visual Competitive  Audit

A third party evaluation of your exhibit and three competitor exhibits against a 19 point evaluation checklist.

Exit Interview 

Interview 50-200 attendees after their exhibit experience to answer the question, “what to you want or need to know” about the visitor’s experience in your exhibit.

Pre/Post Survey 

Measurement of pre and post exhibit or event awareness, perceptions or behavior change or an organization, its brand, products or  services.

Self-Administered  Survey

A simplified method to capture exhibit visitor input after  their visit, by inviting them to take a computer based self-administered survey  at a kiosk in the exhibit before departing.

Quantitative Analysis 

Measure Visual Reach, Audience Interest, Customer Journey Analysis and Cost Per Analysis to  provide quantitative texture to exhibit metrics.