Do I have to bring my BIG TOYS to an Industrial Show?

There is nothing like an industrial show, like PowerGen, with lots of BIG equipment, models of turbines and windmills and interactive demonstrations. We indeed saw our share of equipment this year, but we saw much, much more which seemed to be a trend shift away from the norm of industrial exhibiting. You don’t have to bring your BIG TOYS.

One of the dominant players focused on information transmittal using interactive voice-activated models, 3D videos, interactive displays, computer generated messaging and a live theatre vs. large pieces of equipment for which the attendees were already familiar. Another exhibitor exchanged their small theatre that maybe could seat five participants at a time for three demostations that could have as many as a dozen visitors interacting with that many staff. And, one player decided not to exhibit, but convinced show management to let them be the social networking sponsor so had their logo displayed throughout the exhibition.
What’s the change – having environments for dialogue, not just show and tell – having exhibits that create an environment that allow for relationships to be extended through interaction, having experiences where the attendees learn and therefore are better prepared to make buying decisions.

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