Getting Your Exhibit Visitors Actively Involved in Your Demos

Don’t be afraid to let your visitors touch and try your products. That is the very best way they can learn and really have a feel about the benefits to them. At a recent show, I watched booth staff actually put visitors on their products, let them see how it felt, let them see that their body ws not out of control but in control and that it was comfortable, and it was not frightening.

For the booth staffer to say, this is easy, means nothing to the visitor who may have never tried or used the product or is using a competitor offering. For the staffer to say, “this is comfortable”, doesn’t resonate unless the visitors accepts that it is comfortable. This is the true benefit of hands-on demos – providing proof and benefit.

Get your booth staff tuned into letting visitors have the experience because we only retain 10% of what we see, 25% of what we see and hear and 65% of what we see, hear and DO!

Let the staff feel free to guide the visitor, but make it an active hands-on experience that they will recall after the show is over.

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