Interactives without staff are a waste of resources!

An interactive, whether it be a demonstration, a computer table, a Wii game, or a knowledge quiz on an iPAD will only work if it is staffed. We have seen time and time again, where thousands of dollars have been invested in “neat and nifty” technology only to fail to communicate the exhibitor’s story since the link between the interactive and the attendee didn’t work without staff involvement.

We recall a healthcare exhibitor who created three touch screen interactives that displayed case studies depending on the therapeutic specialty of the attendee. They were housed in Plexiglas full body models that were internally lighted. The internal lighting changed throughout the day. Very cool. Very few attendees got the product messages. Why? No interaction or dialogue with a human being that could make the transition from the case study to the core message. The next day each of the modules were staffed and the “ah ha” factor was generated. In fact, more touch points were engaged the second day than on the first since staff transitioned attendees from the interactive to other stations within the exhibit having peaked the attendee’s interest.

Last year at a convention, we saw an exhibitor pack their Wii game for each session. The game area was on the main aisle. Very few attendees took the next step to enter the exhibit after completing the game to have a dialogue until they staffed the perimeter of the game area to engage visitors as they completed the Wii game cycle. With a short dialogue and a warm transition, the Wii game did its job of attracting, edu-taining, peaking product interest and the staff took over doing the warm handoff to another rep stationed in the exhibit at a selling station.

What will you do to maximize your interactive investments to pay big dividends at your next event?

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