Strategy even has a place in social media

I am not sold that social media has a place in b-to-b marketing, primarily since I don’t see the targets of our marketing messages having the time to peruse social media other than to see what their friends and family are up to. 

Having said that, I did hear an interesting segment on MSNBC’s Your Business last Sunday morning that bears repeating translation into my own words.  

You have to have a strategy to maximize the impact of your social media.  Here is a plan that was offered as an outline for communicating that establishes a pattern of messaging and that becomes expected by your targets.

Monday – REVIEW something.   It might be a book or article you have read that has valuable insights, a segment of a show that relates important points, a movie you have seen that can be used to communicate a message that fosters your image or brand.

Tuesday – REVEAL something about yourself, your organization, your brand that will provide insight into you or your organization to your clients or potential customers.

Wednesday – REPORT something of value.  You might have read an article that has stats that are worth sharing. Or read a book that has a theme that is worth communicating.  You add value to your brand by reporting information of value to others.

Thursday – PROMOTE something of interest.  Pick something in your stable of offerings and promote it by giving the rationale of how it will improve the effectiveness, productivity, profitability or efficiency of potential user.

Friday – CELEBRATE something recipients can relate to.   It is always time for celebrating.  Be it an accomplishment of your own.  An accomplishment of an associate or just that it is Friday and the weekend holds great promise. 

Maybe social media will find its way to mainstream b-to-b marketing at some time in the future, but for now you might just find a strategy that works for you to have a continuing stream of communication that enhances your brand. 

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