Trade Show Training – Don’t Tell the Whole Story

It is often quoted, “an adult can only keep seven new items of information before something pops out”. I believe this. So, if you do too, then why do we insist on sharing the whole encyclopedia of skill development training and etiquette at our preshow briefings? We need to provide concentration where it counts in designing our preshow meeting agendas.

Decide ahead of time what skill development is needed by your team. If they are reluctant engagers, then focus on engagement skill development. If they fail to get good lead follow information, concentrate on closing and capturing good next step information. This doesn’t mean you ignore all the other training elements, but de-emphasize them so your training is internalized, remembered and enacted and performance is improved.

If your trade show training results in information overload, you’ve gained nothing in generating greater trade show ROI. Don’t tell the whole story.

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