Trade Shows and Events -the accent is on activity, not results

Jack J. Phillips, PhD, created an approach called “ROI Methodology” for meetings.  After reading his book, it became obvious that the focus in planning trade shows and events has become centered on activity vs. results.  Somehow the process of setting objectives, deciding what strategies are needed to achieve those objectives, then creating the tactics that will result in success has been replaced with pizzazz!


Unfortunately planning exhibit sessions start with tactics. The first question often asked tends to be what is the coolest, newest, most MTV-type technology that can be used to attract attendees whether they are qualified or not?  Is it the quality of visitors attracted or just the quantity and flow through without regard for the quality of visitors visiting.


All marketing decisions need to be grounded in results.  What do you want to accomplish?  And, how are you going to achieve those objectives?  If all you focus on is activity, that is all you’ll have – activity.  At the end of the day, you need to be able to say what did we get in return for our investment?  Not, how much frenzy you created in your exhibit.


The bottom line- focus on your results, not just activity

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