When it Comes to Sponsorships, You Need to Sweat The Small Stuff

We recently spent time at a major Vet show in Las Vegas, and we took notice of a creative sponsorship one of the exhibitors used at the show. We’re not sure if the sponsorship was offered by the show sponsor or if it was the exhibitor’s idea. You know if you have an idea for a sponsorship that’s not offered, there’s no reason you can’t approach a show organizer about it.

Anyway, the exhibitor placed wooden rocking chairs throughout the exhibit hall. The hall was pretty big and there were chairs everywhere. They were tucked into every nook and cranny – everywhere there was a bit of unused space. Attendees seemed to appreciate the opportunity to take a little “sit down” and the chairs were occupied most of the time.

Here’s the problem. The chairs had cloth seat back covers on them that included the exhibitor’s logo and product offerings. But the logo was on the front side of the seat cover. So when the chairs were occupied, the logo was blocked and there was no way to tell who provided the opportunity for a much needed moment of relaxation.

The takeaway here is that when it comes to sponsorships, you need to sweat the small stuff to make sure you maximize the bang for your buck. Take a moment to really think about how what you are doing will work. In this case, if the exhibitor had simply included the logo on BOTH sides of the chair back covers, many more attendees would have seen it.

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