Why can’t you become more strategic?

Maybe there is just too much logistics in your path.

Exhibit and convention managers are being pressed to become more strategic, but are having a hard time achieving that status. Why? (1) they are viewed as experts in logistics (2) they are so pressed for time that they are working on the next show while at a show which leaves no time to think or act strategically and (3) they are not in the mind set of being strategic because others have assumed that role.

Being strategic means (1) Leading – taking charge of your events from asking the hard questions to creating the objectives to writing and sharing the final report of results (2) Analyzing – understanding why you are exhibiting at specific shows or meetings and determining if your objectives were achieved. If not, why not? (3) Visualizing – seeing what can be, not what is or was. It also means, using all your tools to forecast where your organization should use its resources to achieve its marketing communication objectives. And, seeing beyond the crates, graphics, lights and interactives to understanding what vehicles can be used to meet with and communicate to your customers and prospects more effectively. Lastly, (4) Collaborating – positioning events as a pivot point for all functions to find common ground in achieving their individual goals.

For this to happen, you have to “make” time to think and act strategically and be in the mindset to change.


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