Why Train?

Why Trade Show Staff Training for your Staff?

► Your sales and technical staff need to understand the uniqueness of the trade show medium and learn how to adapt to it.

► The staff needs to learn how to communicate in a time constrained, focused event.

► At a trade show the buyer comes to you, so the staff’s approach needs to be different than the approach they use when meeting with customers and prospects in the field.

► Most exhibit staffers work for a variety of sub-organizations. At a trade show they must act as one team. Team building and skill development are part of preshow staff training.

► Only the staff can sell. It’s been said that 85% of your success lies in the performance of the staff. The booth, presentations, graphics, giveaways and the demonstrations only support your novice or experienced staffer. For the staff to perform and provide a return on your investment, they need to be trained in exhibit sales skills.

► Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) studies report that 94% of trade show attendees look for product knowledgeable exhibit staff. A formalized preshow staff training program can address the benefits and competitive advantages of the company products and services.

► Trade shows are hard work. A pre-trade show briefing or event training session can help with the overall success of your trade show exhibit by communicating techniques and hints that will increase the comfort level of your exhibit staff.

► Exhibits are an integrated selling tool. A briefing before the trade show is the ideal place to communicate how this all pulls together.