BYOB or Not?

At a recent U.S. trade show the alcohol was flowing throughout the exhibition hall. Not only were show organizers freely distributing this, but many exhibitors decided to get in on the act and serve alcohol at their exhibits too.

Things started to get slightly out of control when I noticed some company representatives deciding it was okay to join the party with the rest of the attendees. That’s when the problems began. After a short time, representatives started to look sloppy and act unprofessionally. I realize it’s hard not to jump in when you see all the attendees enjoying themselves and coming by your exhibit encouraging you to join in. But, we need to remind ourselves that we are there for a purpose and that purpose is business. Our organizations have dedicated a lot of time and resources for us to be there and to have the opportunity to get in front of our current and potential customers. We only get one shot at this, remember the old adage, “You only get one chance to make a good first impression”. So let’s not blow it. Save the partying for after the show closes, or better yet, as a celebration after you close that piece of business from the event.

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