Don’t Forget Your Own Promotion

I was at a convention recently when I ran into an old friend who was excited to tell me about a brand new sponsorship the association had offered at this event. As luck would have it, his organization gained the coveted spot for this new sponsorship. What was most exciting for him was they were launching a new product at this year’s event and this would help gain great visibility for the product. He encouraged me to go take a look.

I made my way to the area in which the promotion was located. In-fact, it was a unique sponsorship that was drawing quite a crowd. The graphics and signage my friend’s agency had developed were very good. They were eye-catching, appealing, and they made the product really pop. This area was continually busy throughout the day.

At the end of the day, I returned to my friend’s exhibit. He asked, “So what did you think? Great promotion, huh?”. My reply was, “Well… it does appear to be a great sponsorship, lots of activity in the area and plenty of visibility with those great graphics. But, I am curious about something? Why is it you didn’t put your company name or booth number on any of the signage?” My friend’s smile quickly faded into a frown as he realized this missed opportunity.

Sometimes it is easy to forget the most obvious and important things. It sounds like a no-brainer to include company’s name and the booth number, but you wouldn’t believe how many people forget to include these two important elements. At these large trade shows where sometimes there can be several hundred exhibitors, the last thing you want to forget is to tell the attendee is where to find you and your product or service in the hall.

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