Respect- what happened to it?

I was in DFW this morning, waiting for my seating group to be called and two travelers decided to disrespect the rules and jump ahead. But why? Because they could. Because they felt they were more important than the rules everyone else was respecting. We see this everyday. Not yielding in traffic. Not saying thank you. Not holding a door. Not respecting our parents. Getting up from your seat when the “fasten seat belt” sign is on. Sitting and parking in handicap only seats and parking spaces. These are just a few signs of disrespect that I see every single day. So what’s the big deal? In growing up I was told we were part of the “me generation”. But, we are now in a new era. After all it is the 21st century -the new age. But it is the “me generation x2″ But what does the loss of respect mean? It means that we don’t place value on other people who are integral to our success. It means we take them for granted. It means that in fact we have become what was forecasted for the last generation – the “next me generation”. Wake up and realize we are not here alone and without others, we cannot achieve our goals, be they personal or professional.

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