Trade Show Training – What’s the Product?

At a recent food themed trade show the food samples were flowing and the hall was filled with wonderful and enticing aromas. Attendees happily went from exhibit to exhibit sampling the delicious libations until they could eat no more.


I took note of a few things during my own journey. First, many exhibitors were so focused on giving away their free samples of food that most of the time there was no signage or promotion as to what the actual featured item was you were trying. I say most because one exhibitor in particular did not forget, in-fact they went above and beyond with their promotion. When you stopped at their exhibit and tried a sample you were handed a small card to take with you that said, “you just tried_______”. The card also included several recipes you could use the item in. Additionally, there was a discount coupon code on the card good towards your next purchase. Finally, there was company information, a web address and a telephone number should you desire further information. Now as simple as this seems believe it or not they were one of the very few to take these extra steps to ensure visitors knew what the product was they were trying and how they could get it. Although it seems obvious now reading it what should be done, I suppose sometimes it’s easy to get focused on the one task at hand, in this case handing out samples while forgetting the obvious.

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