­Exhibit Staff Training

Why should you provide exhibit staff training for your staff?  There are many reasons.

In a nutshell, exhibit staff training is important because selling in a trade show or convention environment is much different than selling in other situations. Skills that work well on a daily basis don’t work the same way at a trade show or other event. Even the most seasoned staffers can benefit from training focused on effective techniques that can help them succeed in this unique environment.

Our training options are designed to enhance the skills of the sales staff and provide an ideal way to prepare and orient exhibit staff prior to any show or event. Programs are available in a variety of formats to help ensure your staffers are ready to meet their audience.

Live On-Site Training

30 minutes to 2 hours preshow StaffPrep format created to meet your specific training and marketing objectives. Available at your location, on site of the show or event, or at regional/national sales meetings.

Live Distance Training

45 minute on-line program delivered live via the internet. Delivered 2 weeks to a month in advance of the show. Programs are custom developed to meet your show or event objectives.

Self-Paced / Intranet Based Training

25 minute self-paced training program with 6 training modules, three embedded quizzes, 8 role-play vignettes focusing on Engaging, Qualifying, Communicating and Closing and a final quiz for compliance. Available in both generic and custom formats.