Live On-Site Training

Live on-site training can be conducted at the show or event site, or at a regional  or annual meeting.  Available in a  variety of formats, the training is customized to meet your specific needs.

Designed to build skills essential to success on the trade show floor, all sessions  include lecture and hands-on segments with role-playing, small group and  interactive exercises.

StaffPrep Preshow  Briefing

Pre-show exhibit staff training with limited interactive exercises to reinforce key learning.  Up to two hours in length.

StaffPrep Half-Day

An expanded version of our StaffPrep Briefing with more extensive use of group training exercises and role-plays.  Up to four hours in length.

StaffPrep Plus

A combination of pre-show staff training plus observation and coaching on the exhibit floor.

StaffPrep Plus also includes a debriefing with you at the end of the first day, along with suggestions for immediate adjustments you can make to improve performance and enhance results before your show is even over.


A combination of pre-show staff training, along with a visual competitive audit  that provides you with an unbiased, third-party assessment of the experience your visitors have when they come to see you and other exhibitors in the hall.

On-the-Set also includes a debriefing with you at the end of the first day, along with actionable recommendations that can lead to immediate improvements.  In addition, within 15 days after show close, you receive a detailed, written report with additional
insight and analysis.  This report can become the benchmark against which you can measure future activity.


A program designed for larger organizations to train and prepare your internal staff to effectively conduct your own trade show staff training programs.

Sample Topics

►    Accelerating your Sales Cycle

►    Managing the Customer Journey

►    You Can’t Just Show Up

►    Six Truths for Show Success

►    Results Oriented Exhibiting

►    Face-to-Face – Maximize your Return on Investment


Specialty Programs

►    Exhibiting Internationally

►    Demonstrations – The Hands-On Experience

►    Live Presentations – Edu-taining vs. Entertaining

►    Effective Presentations