Exit / Intercept Interview

Surveying and interviewing visitors to your trade shows or events is an important part of the measurement process.  It gives you insights into what your visitors perceptions are of their experience, their brand awareness, how well their information needs were met, how the staff engaged them and what their future buying plans are as a result of visiting your exhibit.

Surveying and interviewing can be conducted in a variety of ways, one of which is exit/intercept interviews

Exit Interviews

A survey of 12 questions with 2 of which are open ended is developed with your assistance. After your approval, the survey is launched at a selected exhibit / show.   Visitors are intercepted by our trained  interviewers after visiting your booth or event. Questions are asked verbally by the interviewer and all verbatims are captured and reported back to you. Most interviews are designed to take 90 seconds or less, so as not to intrude on the visitor’s time.  All of our surveys are customized designed with each and every client to meet your specific goals and objectives.

Marketech tabulates and analyzes all the data post show. A detailed written report of findings along with interpretations and recommendations is provided to you within 15 working days following the close of the event.