Intercept Interview

The intercept interview is a valuable convention and trade show survey tool that captures important, first-hand information about the effectiveness of your exhibit and your program.

Our Approach

Each survey is completely customized to meet your specific goals and objectives for each event. Templates are never used. Trained experts intercept and conduct interviews with visitors as they leave your exhibit. Sample size varies, depending on your needs.

Most interviews take 90 seconds or less and are designed to maximize the time spent with each participant. A well-designed mix of closed- and open-ended questions enables our highly-skilled interview team to probe for more complete information and a deeper understanding of the visitor experience.

Intercept Surveys Measure:

 Audience perception

 Brand awareness

 Perceived brand value

 Visitor satisfaction

 Inpact on inclination to purchase

Enhance your Program

A detailed report of findings – along with expert interpretation and actionable recommendations – is delivered to you within 15 days after show close. Our studies provide powerful information that can guide fact-based decisions to enhance and improve program performance and results.

Personalized Service

Each project is expertly managed by a marketech360 project director who is with you from start to finish. The project director manages all activities necessary including survey development, interview staff preparation, data capture and tabulation, written analysis, and a personal review of the findings.